Wednesday, March 20, 2013

GURPS WIld Cards in my GURPS Lite for LowTech

GURPS Wildcard skills definition appears to depend on GURPS regular skills (B175). Does that mean if I introduce GURPS with its Wildcard skills to new players, I distill the definition to its pure archetypal form?
If so, I have a much simpler Skill System and definition! I can just focus on key words now and archetype definition and viola. 


Mark Langsdorf said...

Wildcard skills are great for introducing new players. "You have Thief! - you know how to do thieving stuff like climb walls, pick locks, find traps, move steathily, and stab people with knives." And you don't have to worry that someone will forget an important skill for their concept (such as Filch or Hold-Out for the thief) because it's part of the Wildcard skill.

I've been using them in my game for a year and I love them to death.

You may want to consider importing the Destiny point rules from Monster Hunters: Champions, which allow for cheap rerolls within a Wildcard skill's area. It somewhat helps in offsetting the lower skill levels that Wildcard skills tend to have.

justin aquino said...

I think I'll be migrating to Wild card skills with all my GURPS games. Its just much easier character accounting.