Friday, November 1, 2013

Comedy of Errors: Screwing around with On Air

A bunch of hangout virgins fumbling around. Well there were a lot of lessons learned. Many will be going to the invite notes. The new Hangouts Layout complicated things a bit. I have to say who I'm talking to and I have to keep notes... which i did  in past interviews... but this time it didn't work because one needs someone to keep things moving while another guy answers the technical problems of the others while someone filled dead air. 

Also Project! Don't be shy to get close to the mic and the camera with a full facial close up and PROJECT  Lolz. I guess this should not be any different from all my on air games but I don't know why I went back to my shell. 

Anyway, I think the juggling was it, yup it was JUGGLING too many things not some inherent incompetence that maybe staring me in the face right now (or a toddler wondering where is daddy in 11pm). 

I guess its a cheap shot having my toddler around for likes/+1s/ and 5 stars. 

Below is a crashed attempt. 

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