Saturday, November 9, 2013

GMF S02E01; Shadow Wars Session Summary

Well the shadow wars have begun and the team foiled a take over for the meantime. 

  • The Prince was able to find out more about the threat. Discovering an conglomerate shaping up to start seizing and destabilizing other businesses (HSS assets are being targeted). This group is already taking their strongest ally, the Leorazons to their side.  
  • Jeni spies on a discussion between SGC and Quijolo Group. Her report is not good; SGC are being strong armed to cut ties from HSS. After the party the Empress is not part of HSS character roster. 
  • The Warehouse District Safe House goes dark. 
  • Jakub Kovar is MIA
  • Enemy Quarters were destroyed
  • Speedy is seriously injured but is doing well
  • The Counter Intelligence operation went south. But they were able to get some faces out of it. 
  • The team took a beating, everyone gains 2CP and 2CP to give other Players. CP is awarded to the Players they can put them in any character they want on their roster. 

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