Sunday, November 10, 2013

GURPS Modern Fantasy S02 E02 Bloodied but unbowed

Primer for Next Session S02 E02 Nov 23 2013

The explosion shook the building and fractured even its load bearing corners. The block that was once dark is now lit up by blazing fire that has been caught in the buildings. Flaming bodies ran, along the streets spreading flame and terror. In the brightness of the flames, there are men who clung to its shadows and one who commanded fear among them.


Sasha Ramirez was watching everything unfold, on her screen. The team made a mistake, and she was struggling to fix it when a scream echoed through the corridor of the safe house. Speedy’s IT team were embedded deep inside the hidden floors, behind thick walls, ceilings and floors design to carry the load of heavy vehicles and an overcrowded commuter hub. The sound can only be heard through the only entrance and exit of the command station

They all began to look at the door, removing headphones and mics they heard things their imagination refused to acknowledge. Shots were fired, and everyone stood up. Sasha was able to draw her Barreta 93R, and barely was able to ready its stock when something slammed the heavy siege proof door.

This was not what they trained for, everyone instinctively drew away from the door. She had to command and raise her voice which seemed to make what ever behind it incredibly agitated. They manage to draw from a hidden cache four saiga-12 assault shotguns and began to take cover. Her commands and urgency seem to also cause what was behind the door to hurry and its berserk rage tore its hinges. 

The silhouette she saw and the blood that flowed from the floor ignited a fear and adrenaline that made her want to cower. Everyone hesitated, long enough for it to close the distance to tear bone from flesh. Tears of desperation flowed down freely as she charged to meet it head on and give everyone a chance to survive this. Gunfire erupted in frenzied bursts and hearts stopped.


Thomas stood rigid with the news. He offended many when he took away his earbud and put on his HUD glasses as he walked away. He fought back to control the fear overwhelming him, he activated his macros and his “little bots” did their little deeds again. Scrawling through data found in home network node to confirm the Princelings research. His second re-evaluation and analysis was plain as day, and turned up even more unsettling red flags.

One particular red flag is the Quijolo’s and OGWs acquisition of one of the Leorazon’s delta properties. Territoriality, the Leorazons have left them isolated and surrounded in all sides by rival businesses. It would be a matter of time before the Local Gov’t Officials would be turning up near their territories with bogus claims.

Thomas looked for Osman’s gaze and their exchanged looks told Osman everything he needed to know. Emily in his arms, could feel his shoulders slump and she tightened against him to give reassurance and whispering pleasant distractions into his ear. His fortitude found some solace in Emily's whispers, while his eyes drifting through the crowd caught the amused eyes of Dylan Baker tipping his glass to him.  

Jakub woke up amid the stink of his blood, vomit and piss. His teeth littered the floor and his blood spiraled to the draining corners of the room along with the hose water used to drown him while he sat. He was a broken man, his precious legs the tools of his craft were butchered and his hands and fingers maimed. The bravery and desperation that fueled that last gambit was foolish, but regret did not cling to him, it was washed away by the peace of mind honed in a warriors path.

He was a fighter and the horrors he saw fueled that desperation to seize the day. It seems despite his stoic and pragmatic facade the hopelessness of the land he has made his home for so long has broken his iron discipline. Beaten beneath a skilled hand of pain, he would cry out and wish to tell them everything they wanted to know.

His torturer was overly zealous, he didn't ask questions. He seemed to enjoy the opportunity breaking someone who spent their whole life honing their spirit.

“This is more pleasure, than she could ever give me.”

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