Friday, November 22, 2013

Philosophy is how the Brain is Wired; Wishing

I am a fan of Philosophy, especially after all learning on my own when my entire education consistent in metaphysics of Saint Thomas Aquinas. If you grow up only being taught Metaphysics and then was given access to Science BOOM! Head Explosion! 

Of course Science Evolved, and the love of thinking had many earlier incarnations. So when I did research for the GURPS Low Tech Player Handbooklet I made I made Philosophy very relevant. I also included eastern Philosophies 

Philosophy Skills

Default: IQ-6.
This is the organization of bodies of knowledge in ancient times. Natural: the predecessor of science particularly the study of the universe and physics.

Geometry: Math involving shapes, size, relative positions, and physical dimensions. Requires: Literacy, the character must be Numerate.

MetaPhysics: The study of the realm beyond the physical universe.

Theology: The study of divine knowledge from religious sources, ritual and practice.

Other Philosophies:

Socratic: The skill of asking the right problem solving questions. The GM secretly rolls for the PC when determining if he can get the right information from the PC's line of questioning or to give the PC clues to the right questions to be asked. Player can use this as the Interrogation skill. 

Platonic: The skill clear definition of ideas, concepts and essences. The GM secretly rolls for the PC when determining if he can break down alien or complex ideas through barriers of culture and language. 

Aristotelian: The skill of objectively measuring and distilling observation and perception. The GM secretly rolls for the PC when determining if he can if the PC notices in gaps or misplaced assumptions. This can be used as an Observation skill. 

Confucian: The reciprocative relationship among individuals in order to establish order. The GM secretly rolls for the PC when determining if hierarchical relationships and structures among groups or individuals. This can be used for Politics and Information Analysis relating to social groups and orders. 

Buddhism: The mental discipline to frame situations and experiences to the advantage of the observer. This lets the Philosopher suppressing emotional distraction on a successful roll. Add 2 and the Ability modifier of Buddhism to will rolls. 

Legalism: The skill of developing laws that effectively punish and reward to create order. This allows the PC to managing strict martial discipline in an organization. Can be used like Administration or Law.

Moizm: This is humanistic the philosoiphy that values love and life over other things. It emphasizes skills of empiricism that focus on resource maximization and defensive fighting. Use this skill like Strategy for Defensive Maneuvers and Administration.

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