Monday, November 25, 2013

Getting used to the idea of Hands as feet

So I'm trying to get used to the idea of Hands as feet in a transhuman setting. There is a practicality to gravity, even just micro-gravity in habitats. 3d perception is great but when considering basic logistics of day to day living mic-gravity keeps things in order. Dealing with other environments and being able to be flexible with these environments means being able to handle 3d and 2d and higher gravity. 

I'm imagining life suits to have special feet reinforcements allowing people to spend more time on their lower limbs. Of course, at rest they will be in all fours which is unusual for humans. Transhumanism takes getting used to a different set of aesthetics and adaptions. Its being able to see beauty creatures distantly related to the basic human norm and to be able to connect with such. 

I dont think its arms as legs but more prehensile feet, with fingers and bones much thicker (like our feet compared to our hands) and more load bearing, with an opposable thumb acting as a heel, so the bone is much thicker and stronger. Anyway i think such would have a more enhanced bones...

I'd imagine if nano tech and bio-geneering would proceed in the same pace, some basic bone reinforcement nano-techniques would be made biological and possibly supplemented in diet. So a much stronger to mass ratio of skeletons and muscles. the Children of Terra becoming more "superhuman" as they make the succeeding generations more physically adaptable (possibly a Kryptonian origin story lolz). 

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