Saturday, November 23, 2013

GMF S02 E02 Bloodied but Unbowed, After Action Report

I'm glad the team did very well,

  • Cheng Dao, the Chaos mage and Online Blackmarket operator dealing with recreational drugs goes to his Shadow ISP to deal with harder drugs pushing into his territory
  • Gangs: Sangre Sacramento (Blood Sacrament), Maskara de Muerte (Death Masks), Pintandos (Painted Men), Cuervos (The Ravens), Hermano de Diablo (Hell's brotherhood) etc. are all likely suspects. 
  • Team is composed of Merle (The Hunter), Pieter (the Soldier), Fish (the Demo-man), Cheng Dao (The Chaos mage) and Jeni (the Lilim). Everyone else was reallocating resources and doing damage control so soon after the blow was struck last session. 
  • They first Investigated the Ravens, and learn more about the territories and how things worked. Ravens and Cheng notice the entry of Krokodil Variant entering the market. Ravens say its comming from the west territories. They allege that the Death masks and Painted Men have been slaughtering tons of dogs, and behind the 40ft container truck filled dog bones and rotten carcasses. 
  • The team decide next on dealing with the SS, they talk about ambushing but find it too difficult. Jenny, the social animal, decides to use a favor to ask Paolo the Confessor (of the Ravens) make introductions. These are done with messengers, and they have to wait for the messengers and the traffic to subside (it was 4pm, they get there at 8pm)
  • The Territory of the SS is a Church that was converted into a fotress compound.  They manage to talk to Balathazar , who throws back the accusation of spreading the Krokodil... only for Balthazar to realize something too late when Gun fire erupts. Undead swarm the fortress and take out so many of the gangbangers. 
  • The party manages to blow a hole and make their own way out but a mist stops them and shakes them (and the explosion gives them a hard time as well, deafening them). They continue to blow their way through to an exit while killing as many as they can. Again, killing and running away has seemed to work. 
  • As they leave the fortress they notice a Large Container Semi with what Jeni notiices as Quijolo markings. They call for help, Tasha is rushing to pick them up as they run back to base... 
  • The Heights is 45sqm but has a population of 5 million because of the Mega Slums, former housing complexes and warehousing prior to the 1990s economic collapse. Properties of the Bengsons, Villianuevas and HSS are prime if this human resource is to be harvested.    
the game ran long 7:10am to 10:40am but in my checklist of things to do I happen to meet most of the list: RP, Puzzle, investigation, action, everyone got to play with their toys lolz. I tried to maintain as much Information Asymetry as appropriate, simplified my explanations and resisted most urges to detail (which eats time). 

I have a major game to prep for in airsoft after this. lolz. 

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