Sunday, July 4, 2010

Another Take on the Classics: GURPS Racial Templates

Another take on elves and dwarves.

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Dwarves are hardy and strong folk. Their physical traits allow them to do more work then any other people, allowing them to make impressive feats of industry and infrastructure. Desipite their notable abilities, they have been enslaved for generations by many other nations. Each plundering them for their highly productive man-power. The Dwarves that have escape and won their freedom live in mountain strongholds in what used to be terrible places where they once served.
Attribute Modifiers: HT+1 [10].
Secondary Characteristic Modifiers: Basic Lift +1 [3]; Basic Speed 5 [-5]; FP 10 [-3]; Basic Move 4 [-5] (shorter strides).
Features: Stocky and Short, the are 20% shorter than an average human of the same weight.

System Note: what is broken is, as a Racial Template HT minus speed and FP modifier is 2CP per level. I think, the system should have incorporated Fitness and Rapid Healing into the HT stat. It will be complicated but it will make the game system more robust.

It is weird when Fitness is not Part of Having a Good HT. I could have invested 10CP for HT11 but take twice as long to recover as a person who spent 5cp on Fitness or not as quickly heal as 5cp in rapid healing.

This is why, the 2cp per HT combo is pretty weird is because at Net 10cp I have an HT15. Endurance checks for running and swimming require a fail an HT check before losing FP, (B426). So a character with 10FP but HT15 can outlast someone with HT10 but FP15 which is 50% more expensive.

I was tempted to Munchkin the template and give dwarves HT15 FP10 Spd5.

10 points
. They are the elite ruling class and race of many human kingdoms. They are considered attractive by many cultures and standards. Their appearance leads many to notice their finer points and ignore their shortcomings. They lowest borne elf can be found in the gentry, who own valuable forests filled with game animals rich in furs, meat and other products. Many elves are land owning aristocrats, who serve their elven princes by providing many resources and human sergeants.
Attribute Modifiers: None.
Secondary Characteristic Modifiers: None.
Advantages: Appearance: Attractive +1 reaction bonus (Universal +20%) [5]; Longevity [2].
Perks: Presence of Superiority [1]; Honest Face [1]; Sanitized Metabolism [1].
Features: They have more exotic shades of eye and hair color. They have pointed ears.

Special Note: this takes advantage of how attractiveness and Racial superiority can come from the cognitive bias that stem in fallacy of association and how distracted appearance and "racial" superiority make people overlook negative traits and over emphasize positive traits.

Just because someone is more attractive or the ruling class, makes the lesser classes all inferior in comparison irrationally. This is basically the underlying sentiment with elves as they Look good, and MUST be good for something... the same time goblins are Ugly and must make up for something or are stupid.

Yeah Honest Face is there because there is that Assumption that Elves are Good!

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