Friday, July 23, 2010

Plugging the 7kingdoms IGE

I didn't know Larps were called Interactive Game Entertainment-thingys now. This is the gaming direction my brother took with his writing. I keep telling him he should just write a book but he's one of those really professional and obsessive about his craft GMs you can compare to fictional GMs like B.A. Nitro (hard-assed but not part of the "school" debate).

Anyway he's the Rules Director/Event Coordinator and he gives out good material. Especially since Game Writing is about marketing and selling stories of Players and the context of their achievements through the setting. This kind of writing is not easy since any GM who works with players would know there is a lot of diplomacy, work and credit sharing, as well as giving up alot of strong ideas to the players. Its pretty close to Gaming for a Living, so I hope people in the area could check it out.

I play Airsoft, so I have nothing against Larp. Heck in the end its the same pretend, while the athleticism, strategy and tactics still matter.

Its not a good Idea to play LARP in a tropical country even with the Massive Cosplay Population. There is no place to play, the weather is miserable in the rainy season and too hot in the summer, our nature is an unimpressive bunch of low trees, and a lot of tangled bushes and high grass, and the litter-less and taken-care of "parks" are 2 hours from the city.

So its kind of a blessing to have a temperate climate to play. The amount of heat stroke victims in our running and airsoft events here are pretty common.

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