Thursday, July 8, 2010

GURPSing Theory of multiple intelligences

I'm trying to write up the intelligences as Talents using Theory of multiple intelligences
Interestingly 15cp Talent has NO limits B90. (13 or more related skill).

Logical-Mathematical Intelligence is the Int that handles a lot of the serious scientific and modern cognitive heavy work. all the things we owe to technology, innovation, and reason is handled by this intelligence.

Check this out Breaking it down:
Raw Int (minus Will and Per) is 10cp! Thats cheap and easy to min-max especially with racial templates. Thats +1 per 10cps to any IQ skill. Now looking at talents, the most expensive talents has a finite (as long as it is related) and expensive bonus of +1 every 15cp with a limit of +4. Talents are more nerfed than the IQ... which is weird because it makes the dominant strategy is to max out IQ and using talents becoms a draw back. Talents detail character and express their personality because they act on their inclinations.

As broad as Logical-Mathematic Intelligence can be, it would be better if it was broken down to 10 point groups. Now abstracting or rationalizing would be very difficult, because like many people LMInt is not my strongest suit.

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