Thursday, July 22, 2010

Making World Builder Program Exectations Transparent

Dream Big then Whittle it down to what you can do with your budget and priorities. This World Building Program Expectations list of Functions is very ambitious. After finally writing down all my thoughts I realize it is on the unrealistic side. The idea is to have all the purposes laid out so that the particular processes needed to achieve such an end becomes more easily visible.

That these programs incorporate Accounting, Economics, and Management Studies. Its plain that the program draws a lot on on several historical examples as its base templates so that users have something to work with. At the same time, the user can just click randomly generate and it will produce lists, tables, rosters, maps, and stat sheets that doesn't exist in a vacuum.

The program is open to ambition and a community build. Its also bit like solitaire where the novelty of it is in the way it allows the writer to Build a set of circumstances randomly but have all the details on hand when he/she plans to veer in unusual direction.

For those of us who want to get lost in a world that can withstand the scrutiny of our own attention to detail as well as explore the persona of other world builders through their works. it is a culmination of their life experiences and personal view of the world, veiled by randomness so that it keeps the viewer guessing how much is by design and how much is chance.

Anyway, Dream Big then narrow down to the specifics that work towards a more worthwhile goal. Being able to see the step needed to make that great journey.

It reminds me of playing civilization how the random and AI events can suck you in as you are telling the story of a world, and not just an individual.

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