Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What is an Overly Detailed Character Creation System

still working on my homebrew. I have a long list of things that I want to incorporate into a character creation system. Its a very long list, and when i can figure it out hopefully have way to electronically generate it.

*Choice of
**Randomly Generated
  • *Gender, *Ethnicity/Race (except for clearly more advantageous ethnicities/races; Hair, Eyes and Skin color is dependent on Ethnicity/Race or can be random), **Social Status, **Birth Rank, *Background (limited to what is available by opportunity; there is a roll for each attempt)
  • **Build (which affects): **Height, **Weight, Strength-related to build and physical condition, Movement (Stride).
  • **Physical Condition (which affects): **Endurance, **Resistance, **Appearance, **Voice
  • **Sense of Sight (Vis)
  • **Sense of Hearing (Hear)
  • **Sense of Smell/Taste (Smell)
  • **Sense of Balance/Agility (Agl)
  • **Sense of Touch/ Manual Dexterity (Dex)
  • **Logical-Mathematical Intelligence
  • **Spatial Awareness and Visual Intelligence
  • **Empathy and Intra-Personal Intelligence
  • **Socialization and Inter-Personal Intelligence
  • **Language Ability
  • **Musical Ability
  • **Memory
  • **Medical Background (roll up some Physical or Mental disabilities or minor quirks).
  • **Basic Education (aspect of Social Status, Birth Rank, and Ethnicity/Race),*Aspirations and Circumstantial Adaption (unique skills or conditioning).
  • *Professional Background. **Professional Career Events that can de-rail, challenge, stagnate or complicate the character. The option to Change Careers.
  • *Motivations (but with the option to roll up some common ones; a motive generation system made up of randomly rolling some key words, an exercise of creative thinking)
  • **Key Individuals from the character's background.

I guess, I need a context for all of this. I think Basic Medieval set up would ideal. Its easy to add on the fantasy anyway.

I'm currently stuck at Build, as I'm trying to reflect the normal range without considering Gigantism. Surprisingly some 7ft people are not considered to be afflicted by it, like Yao Ming. Although they occur at about 1:60,000,000 I think that is the equivalent of rolling around 10 natural sixes. I guess some kind of open ended die-result is needed for height generation. Also for dwarfism or stunted growth from being malnourished.

Gender Dimorphism affects Height a bit, still ironing out the math how that works. The rule is 15% difference in averages. Since Height determines much of the physical architecture tat relates to strength this will indirectly affect strength. Although, women have a slight advantage in rolling Physical Condition. Its to reflect that in a species the larger individuals tend to die out more frequently.

Special Build formula for Dwarves who are supposed to be shorter but stronger or as strong as humans. Elves are lighter build by just as tall if not taller than humans. Halflings or Gnomes who are smaller but have more spring allowing them to keep up with humans.

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