Saturday, July 10, 2010

Less Investment on ME, more on THE character

I find it easier, to role-play a character who I've not invested so much effort in. Role-playing someone very detached from my own personality or who I am, lets me make decisions based on their personality instead of my own ego-in trying to build my investment.

I guess thats what the random character generators are all trying to instill vs the more controlled point builds. Letting "the dice fall where they may" requires a detachment of a story teller who knows that death, loss or adversity is an important part of the story.

So a PC being run by a fellow story teller, who likes his puppet to be very engaging, imperfect and like-able to the audience but lets him go down the path fate has chosen for him without spoiling the ending or the story for the rest of the audience.

Love this post about Behavioral Economics. Game Theory Gamers out there may find the concepts helps understanding player action and behavior.

If GURPS Fantasy only had a random generator like HARN... wait a minute, I could just generate a harn character and just convert it to GURPS... Better, I just get one of those well fleshed out NPCs they have in the website convert it to GURPS without any POINT notes. Yeah, that would be sweet running a modified old school 1e Dungeon module or Harn module with those characters.

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