Monday, July 26, 2010

Qualities in People: Multiple Intelligence Stats affect judgement

these are the GURPS plug in of multiple-intelligence Stats I've been working for. I've yet to fill out the text. At first, MI seems to be very complicated. There are so many facets of the human mind to keep track off, how can I get them all straight.

What happens is that, I get them straight by being able to break down people I know by looking at their qualities through the lense of MI.

The problem with just IQ, or simplifying Intelligence as one trait is that it oversimplifies what should be a very complex assessment of a person's mental qualities. It is not even a cop-out to saying "at least I'm smart in other Things", looking at the odds and appreciating how random our inclinations and mutations tend to be, one can appreciate how personalities are the unique mix of strengths, weaknesses and circumstances.

Even DnD has 3 intelligences: Logic-Mathematical is Int, Wis is intra-personal, empathy, and Charisma: Influence.

typically there is an argument that Intuition is part of wisdom, but in my readings it is actually better illustrated and observed when viewed in the context of a skill, mastery and experience. I like the interpretation in lecture 5: Intuition - recognizing patterns in the art of Critical Decision Making. Recommended readings of the Chapter: Benner, From Novice to Expert and Klein, Source of Power . Basically, it is the ability to recognized a set of patterns from a specific set of experience (or skill). An experienced nurse is more likely to come upon an intuitive sense of something wrong in a medical paradigm then in a fire-related emergency. Same goes with a an experienced fireman having a good intuition about in a fire-emergency than in a combat zone, a classroom, management meeting, etc.

Sorry for not filling them out just yet. I just learned how to work templates, having my first experience with Wiki. Its not like there is a dummies about how to work with various headings in openoffice.

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