Monday, July 12, 2010

Has this Happened to You?

My bros and I were the first to buy the KODT Bundle of Troubles 1-7 and bring them to the Philippines. It was the first and Everyone wanted to borrow it. Being gullible and naive we lent them out, now they're gone.

What sucks is that, its not that they wanted to steal the books. Its mostly that they borrowed it, but without the respect of taking care of something 3 young boys SAVED UP and POOLED their money for with their low buying PESOS. So the books got torn up, damaged, destroyed, stolen and lost.

Sigh... books should not be lent out, unless the person gives you something of equal value collateral. Raised differently, I feel to responsible for what I borrowed... thats why I'd rather not borrow. Screening for who to lend too is just too complicated... so never lend out books on rare exceptions.

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