Monday, July 5, 2010

Science and Gaming: Testing Claims

Thrand's reply to Roman Vs. Rajput 2 of 2: "Roman Vs. Rajput"

I've pretty much seen the same tests in other videos. I do admit that it is hard to reflect these rules rules in game. Although you can find some facts about how much force on average it would take for a blade to penetrate mail and I would have to say given ideal conditions like these tests it still requires massively build men of 220lbs+ with a high muscle proportion to generate that force.

If you have a chance to watch Warlords with Jet Li, his swords strikes were mostly made to avoid piercing armor. GURPS low tech has pretty much detailed all the vulnerable points to strike, and if weight didn't matter an a character can be edge proof... Speaking from experience with airsoft, 1lb can mean the difference in speed and energy remaining in a day long encounter.

Bonuses in game, really feel different from real life. Small bonus in real life matter A LOT over long periods of time. Bonuses many people take for granted like the way your clothes fit, shoes, having extra socks, that small sip of water, the thickness of clothes against thorns and abrasive surfaces, knee pads when kneeling, crawling, in 110 (45 celcius) heat!

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