Friday, October 25, 2013

Been Busy Lately; Bringing Down Standards

My writing has been getting worse and worse and I've been so busy I was not able to write the past two weeks as well as prepare much for my upcoming game. I have a map in the works but pretty much I have bare bones prep for this upcoming game.

Anyway I have a ton of drafts I will have to edit and bring up to spec. Always shooting my mouth off has some considerable risks and things to consider if it was PRUDENT or appropriate. Trying to keep ideas substantive is really a stretch especially when my inspiration comes from my work and science which can be a bit boring (but I guess if really think about how I write I guess the audience who bothers to visit wouldn't find that all tooooo boring if they've been reading this blog a while).

Lower Standards

There is something very annoying and mildly scary about having written something only to discover it didn't come out the way it sounded like in my head. Re-reading so much makes my brain starts skipping necessary grammatical infrastructure, and its pretty much the rule with anything boring and mundane: the brain fills up the blanks to save time and energy.

So why not use that to my advantage? I mean thats what happens when we skim and scan. We use that amazing context engine we have called the BRAIN and look for key words ignoring grammatical structure. All you need is an expectation of what you are looking at and the experience to spot key words and arrangements to confirm or verify a particular expectation.

The reason people skim is because our brains can't exactly get an upgrade to get faster unless there is a giant leap in science when I wrote this (i'd like to think). Experience and Education is what an older and slower brain has, and Anticipation is our evolutionary compensation to the slower processing power age has burdened us. Anticipation is what allows to react to something we expect far faster than having to process something would allow us, even with the Fastest Organic Processor that can be found.

Anticipation is what allows you to trigger a trained response when certain conditions are met. This is the crutch and tool of a mind past 25 and has fully matured its frontal lobe. So if that's the hand that's dealt me by time then I guess I better learn to use it than bitch and whine. Mistakes are ok anyway, certain kind of mistakes and in certain situations. Identifying appropriate circumstance for the lower tolerance but speedier performance is where the learning comes into.

So a bit fast and lose, and accepting that I do not have the Information Resolution I would be comfortable with in a calculated trade-off. I guess I'm getting more things done, but its going to be a bit flawed and less "perfect" or lofty. Ugggg... and the trick is to give you guys LOW EXPECTATIONS lols... that goes for my players.

Don't get me wrong, I'm aiming HIGH I'm just realistic that If I get this all done a head of time maybe I can build it up to something more, when opportunities bear the right fruit because of my efforts.      

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