Sunday, October 27, 2013

Gods and Monsters, GURPS Modern Fantasy S01E8

This pretty much wraps up the season, which began with one of the oldest tropes: damsel in distress and ends with the characters maturing.

In this episode the Pieter, Speedy and Merle were trying to drive back in flooded 3rd world city streets. Scenes inspired by Binondo and "old Manila", basically torrential rain at night battering down a city that has seen better days. Overcrowded and with poor drainage, the Tower's weaknesses as unleashed the creatures that it held within. Creatures that have taken the darkness and the flooded waterways to prey on the populace. 

Flooding, dangerous neighborhood (exacerbated by supernatural threats), darkness, stalled vehicles, and poor Telecommunications all contribute to a very dangerous situation for the party. Low on ammo and actually at half their FP (3 days with almost no sleep). 

The guys made their navigation and Speedy had to go on foot and with free running to scout ahead. This was pretty dangerous but, nothing too dangerous went after him except for one encounter near the  closest safe house (an old building).

Well the players played it smart and stayed in the car and forced they way through the obstacles. Three fast undead was running towards them, but Pieter rolled better than I expected taking them down before they got close despite the darkness penalties and the pouring rain (which I learned helps in aiming automatic shots since the rain gives makes the projectile visible). There was more creatures encountered, a minor diety (an bipedal elephant) fighting off the something sinister. They did the smart thing and kept running. 

They had a competent wheelman with them and it mattered a lot in this situation. They reached the safe house where they debriefed. Around here we continued the discussion about where they want to game to go. I got to use my maps, although only one of them was for encounter, the rest was problem solving and immersion. 

Next Session I need to have the primer out by wed, ideally on monday. 

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