Thursday, October 10, 2013

Less Games

I had to drop out of 2 games, since I don't have flexi-time anymore. So my wednesday morning games are gone :( Oh well, thats the nature of work and being a "grown up" schedules change and we adapt to the challenge.

Whats left is the Traveller Game Alternating Wed night at my 6pm. So right after the shift ends, I have to run home. Then there is the WH40k which is around 5pm, which I can still play but I have to move around stuff to play it, it great that the guys don't mind it if I get there by 6pm.

My GURPS modern fantasy has new interested people, thats great. I can see everyones schedules shifting and having problems so I'm keeping the table open. Someone asked if they can still play if they come in late, sure they can but I can't extend too much, the other guys have other plans and my wife will be giving me that look if I take too long.

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