Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Science in the Role-Playing; is a Good System Relevant?

Role-Playing is Decision Making Sciences for me. Stuff from Intelligence of Emotions, Cognition, Behavioral Economics, and Economics and Demographics (backgrounds and trends of human personality archetypes: ex. coming from severe poverty, ignorance, intollerance, etc..). 

I like Role-playing within the Limited Scope of my Character's information. Doing things I would do with the resources I have, optimally arranged in the limits of time. What I love about it is that its Role-Playing, but its also Problem Solving in a way. More specifically, the interesting part is What Decision Making Process is best with limited Information?

I've been playing an Illiterate SCUM lately in a WH40k game, and its a pretty bad handicap to not be able to read. That basically means the SCOPE of  my experience are all Conversational or Direct Experience. Being able to Read and Having Access to literature gives me another Point of Reference, increasing the ability to seperate Fact from Fiction. As the Player I can meta certain decisions, of course, as long as I keep it within his line of motivations - thats why I always play a Deviant, Curious, and Pragmatic when I play uneducated characters. 

I've recently Tackled Decision Making process in Combat with the 6 seconds and 1d6 minute luls. And listed the Lectures I found relevant to discussion of Attention and Decision Making corroborating observations made from different disciplines in science. Very Science Munchy. 

Journalizing is one of the most IMPORTANT learning strategies I've come on (thats why I have like 5 blogs, one blog I had to stop posting because it was talking about Team Doctrine. 


First not everyone plays to learn, we sometimes play to Escape, even me, so other motivations to play does not invalidate their way of playing. 

Do I need a good Game System to Run a Learning Experience Game? Yes, because without a good GAME system then we are shifting Goal Posts every time. Being able to play with Crunchiness is a great way to analyze and see what causes what. It also allows one to see how Reality is so different from the Modeled Abstraction Game. 

A good System, on rare occassions, makes a good narative and makes good sense. A bad system, isn't memorable and there is no way to anchor the experience to a benchmark for relational memory. Its just becomes bad data, that you cannot make heads or tails of. 

Different Modes of Problem Solving: 

Combat... pretty much done to death by everyone. I'm happy many systems have adopted the 6 second combat round, expounding, and developing simpler and more intuitive systems as they cross pollinate. I think for the sake of player introduction and cross compatibility of thinking modes it would be a good option that a system can adopt this medium.  

Logistics. There is the Long Actions, Administration/Organization of resources, Running a Business, etc... All these can be boiled down to a simple system drawing from Economies of Force (fun fact, Sun Tzu discusses economies of force as early as 500BCE). I'm happy that some players don't mind being Non-combatants in my game with some Business and Logistics Abilities, and I'm glad to tilt things Ad-hoc in their favor to make their presence felt. But of course, if time and money was broken down to resources Units ($USD, Manhours, Capital Values) things would be an interesting problem solving exercise. 

This would be a great game app project to work on as well. How I would model an Any Game System Logistics Game that will allow players to run Entities. 

Social Engineering or Social Combat. Still one of the best Ideas i've seen is +Christian Blouin found here in Orbs and Balrogs.  I will make a make my own tweaks and pamphlet for this system, drawing from the Intelligence of Emotion, Cognitive Bias, Social Dynamics and of Course what will generate great Narrative inspired by great shows that have really good Politck ing (the good wife ex. will check out house of cards and all those others when I get the chance). 

A Social Relationship Map Tracker would make a RPG APP project and would be best to plug in to any other game system even computer game system! Especially if it can Export the data into a relationship map. 

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