Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Pretty much Game in the Brain

A lot of my experiences inspire me to model things as a game, which is pretty much explains my hadron for SCIENCE.

Running inspires me to improve the movement rules, which also affects logistics and combat. Movement is a logistics puzzle, and the aspiration to model it in a way that it can plug into a Logistics Model and Combat Model is a continuous goal. It also inspires me to model health because of all the nutritional science that goes into maintaining and improving performance through diet (what you eat).

Airsoft, although I can't talk about our team's doctrine (so I have to keep within fundamentals) gives me a lot of inspiration to model Decision Making, Awareness and Perception, and Economy of Action and Force.

Work inspires me, sometimes, to model Logistics and Puzzles. The family business is pretty diverse because of its organic adaption to the market. A finger in every pie from manufacturing, construction, IT, leasing, BPOs etc... and both my extended family and my family are graduates of commerce/finance, accountants, economists, and dealing. It also inspires me to model Social Combat or Negotiations.

The Philippine business arena quirks as compared to the US (since most of the professors I listen to are american professors and talk about american business practices) is also an inspiration, especially when it compares and contrasts to other countries and neighbors. A Model of how these all work out is helped by studying Game Theory, my first The Teaching Company Audio Book I learned (which was half my take home when I first bought it).

I even had to write a separate content blog about how much I talked about business, economics, my studies and politics from a Gamer Point of view in Gaming Work. All part of journalizing what I learn to keep better digest the lessons. Often I find myself in topics that can be either in Game in the Brain or in Gaming Work... with stuff that are more controversial in gaming work.

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