Tuesday, October 22, 2013

GURPS Modern Fantasy: Gods and Monsters 2nd Arc

The Tower shook, at 100 stories it dwarfed many of the buildings around it by 40 floors. Its architecture is reminiscent of much earlier eras that was inspired by more Ancient architecture, unlike those glass and steel structures that make up the newer portions of the Central Business District.

The storm has flooded much of the Old CBD and many strange things have come from the depths of the tower seize the stranded and struggling public. The storm's winds bellowed loudly, within the tower's broken windows letting out an almost human wail. The older buildings around it, all begin to look more worn and broken, with inhuman silhouettes begining to move around the dark interiors.

 Tabaqui, the Jackal lord, was staring at a different face as he peered the polished marble floor cris-crossed with lines of silver, gold, and salt. The face is of a weak and pathetic mortal who was moments ago bargaining for his life. But this mortal did not seem so weak and pathetic as it smiled back at him.

"I lost my angels, but gained a god" he said quite satisfied.

in the Warehouse

Osman and Thomas were arguing logistics, normally Osman would let his business partner do most of the thinking for this but his inner voice warned him that the people in the plan had a fundamental flaw. A flaw he would have to show Thomas to be believed, but that is going to have to wait.

Something arrived and it has leaped over the gate, but not without thrashing it on its landing. It has tested the doors with a savage charge but was held back by the metal sliding warehouse doors. It can be heard scaling the walls, leaping from smaller structures to larger ones. Each leap a heart bursting moment of anticipation before making that loud metal wrenching landing. Its footsteps would bend the riveted iron roof but did not give way when it pounced to further weaken it. It didnt take long for it to find semi-clear plastic sun windows and tore it to shreds.

When it landed, Tasha was in one of the Kuratas and bull rushed it. Jeni ran with Thomas to his sports bike and just put on his helmet. Osman was running towards the freight truck.

It was knocked back, and Tasha pressed her advantage clumsily throwing oil drums and heavy machines she can swing at it. The minor diety took the savage beating but was able to dodge the last one, taking its opportunity to get back on its feet. It's senses focused and could see its prey speed away with a loud engine roar.

Tasha called out to it, unintentionally switching on the loud speakers. Taunting it, it thought better and rushed at its primary target which was slowly gaining speed. The wind carried withit the smell of rain and Thomas had his HUD on GPS mapping in the corner of his vision, "nav mode on, nearest safehouse!", and gunned the engine some more.  

They were almost out of view when Osman was able to start the truck. Tasha was able to leap at the back abandoning the Kurata while he drove it smashing into old wooden electric posts. She managed to get into the truck and take the wheel when Osman began calling Thomas.

The creature chasing them was huge and heavy, and Thomas had a small experiment: he made a sharp turn in the corner. The creature made a wider turn, it slammed against the old concreate walls but was still on its feet but he was able to gain a small bit. He was multi-tasking and near panic, "nav mode: screen overlay map, Zoom" he had to say it a couple of times before the could control the tone of his voice so that the speech recognition could detect it. The creature gained, but it when it kicked he realized he heading for a dead end.

Tasha held down the trucks horn as she turned to swiped at the creature. It dodges her easily, but not without giving Thomas room to maneuver and he begins to gain distance. It continues to ignore Tasha, and by the time it has come to focus on Jeni, Thomas was making sharp turns regularly to slow it down till he hit the major roads where he boosts the engine.

Osman is arguing with Thomas again on the phone, when they see the burst of light like lightning coming from the Tower. Chained lighting strikes have been hitting the structure, tremor were felt, and many have come out to stand and watch it. The storm has made the area dark and many can be seen on phones calling loved ones.

The Creature see them and gives up chase, which is when they slowed down to do the same: calling to check on loved ones.  

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