Wednesday, October 30, 2013

GURPS modern fantasy S02E01 Primer

Sasha was going over a month's CCTV footage of a months worth with some of Speedy's IT and Jackie. Even with Speedy's facial recognition plug in, its been pretty laborious. Still, they seem to have caught it in time, thanks to the Dynamic Sentinel System set up with the Drones set up by the little Prince. The drones perch and change position time to time in a randomized algorithm allowing the company to have more fields of vision and to make it harder to develop a line of approach. This is what triggered the facial and body type recognition to throw up a the first red flag.

The Corazon parking garage building is one of their safe-houses in Old Town. Its fairly new, but was relatively cheap to build since it didn't need internal furnishing although it was a small consolation given the manpower overhead it needed in security as a mini-bus hub in the lower floors. Thomas was pretty smug about the investment since it dealt with so much cash, and it gave him the demographic information of the area's growth and trends. This is where the a number of red flag clustered, and when Speedy allocated more IR drones they detected  "masked" features meant to give facial recognition a harder time (a BIG red flag). The cool weather of May-June helped highlight these even more. 

In a period of 4 weeks, there was a few faces that appeared in an unusual statistical anomaly around the company's properties. One face and build did not visit it all, but there was enough of a chain of similar faces and builds to create a statistical anomaly to start figuring things out. There was a good reason Thomas and Tedora rigged the bidding for the Police' database in their favor and at great expense, although it was not hard since none of the more-honest businesses would ever offer a bid unless one of the Generals backed them (Jackie and Jamie's dad was instrumental in greasing those wheels; General Solomon may have been retired, but he patronized and acted as older brother to many of the currently empowered Generals). 

The clear faces were some petty criminals, mostly locals of Old Town with records of activity in the general area. Gusi was called in to supervise the analysis but was too busy putting out current fires. The Sasha was the next best at this trying to see if there is any logistical angle, Thomas put Speedy to research all the other area's infra to look for who would benefit at their expense, and Osman with Jaimee was joining Gusi and Tedora in many of the social occasions to pick up and filter information. 

Peiter on point with Jackie, Teo (aka Creamcorn) and Vash were on the ground following leads, beginning by bugging the these guys. 

  • Players can reply here on post on the notes for Long Actions (I'll just cut and paste it eventually where it should be). Players's comments and actions will affect the primer and what happens before we begin the game on Nov 15 19:00 EST / Nov 16 07:00 GMT+8 / Nov 16 12:00 NZDT
  • The game begins with an bugging attempt (note attempt). Don't worry about who or where, logistics characters can participate via Drone's and feeding information to on the ground characters OR can be switch over to be on the ground if they wish.  
  • Background Social Characters are in the CBD wining and dining (but not much focus on them); Logistics characters are in their respective safehouses, and Front-liners are on the ground getting things done. 
  • Current base of operations is the Corazon parking bldg top floor. There is a 400sqm command center fairly equipped. The bugging attempt is 1 kilometer away in very congested and traffic streets (see haven traveling notes in roll20).
  • Operational and Tactical Maps will follow. Hope to finish them by monday next week, the latest wed. 
  • This this it Story Notes (different from Game Rules/Ruling and System Notes). 

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