Saturday, October 12, 2013

Session 07 of GURPS Modern Fantasy

I don't want to set high expectations about how I run games lolz. So here is Session 07 of GURPS Modern Fantasy, a Kitchen Sink Game where serious to casual gamers can play and I'll try to accommodate everyone's taste.  

This game is very special, because its basically a game where I used DnD monsters (the Bodak, Ghouls, and Animated Statues) against the players with their depleted magazines and low energy levels. The players did something you won't find in a typical movie with undead: They Played Smart! 

Unlike a Horror Film, where fear should be telling the protagonists to RUN RUN RUN, but instead they (for many B-film flimsy reasons) do something stupid, the players ran ran RAN! I had like a ton of things prepped plus a whole Office Floor Encounter of a size that was about 120x150 hexes to play out some frustrations I have in the Kenyan mall incident. 

I was also using the Treasure Tables for loot, but since they did the smart thing the expedience is its own reward. 

Since this is the end of the first Arc- Everyone 2CP, and 4cp to give to the other players.   

Kitchen Sink and Game Balance

For the GM who wants variety but doesnt want to keep changing campaigns or give players a hard time, Kitchen Sink is the way to go. You will notice I use WW2 weapons for my baddies, cutting edge IT, i even have mecha (thanks to the Kuratas), and a lot of Dungeon Like terrain because Cargo Ship Converted Shantie Towns (inspired from India), Archologies (the Walled City of Hongkong), Massive Ghost Cities and Economic Zones (because of recent economic events), Near-Civil War like conditions with emerging markets being new fronteirs of money making and opportunity. 

It can be "Western", "Fantasy", Historical-ish, Modern Combat Sim, and i can draw from so many other inspirations and the players can make this anything they want. 

Game balance is not so hard to fix in GURPS because everything is so damn lethal, and situations are not just combat but exercises of Logistics and Problem Solving. The Covenant of Good Faith is there, and even players run out of their Best Weapons over time. So no problems. 

It brings me back to days when me and the guys would play ourselves but made-heroic and idealized. The 150pts is not a lot if you're used to Dungeon Fantasy of 250cp or Monster Hunters at 400cp... but its WAY more than the typical net points of real life people which is at 10-50cp. Its like What would you do if you had about 150 more points (since you have 50 points of disads to draw from). 

Preparing for More Games

Tedora or Mama Mary the pregen based on Jessica Pearson of Suits is my vehicle character since she has 9 allies that are 112cp-50disads-5quirks. These characters roll for availability or are just made available for new Players.

The idea behind her as a Pregen is to be able to play a big shot dealer character. So that the Game is not just about Combat, sometimes a Political character would be fun to play and a power trip.

her Crew

  1. Faceman Lawyer, a romantic and machismo character. Has the typical fun RPing formula with his distracting Amorous escapades. In Combat he has basic guns skills that comes from the machismo circles he plays with (milsims, gun clubs, golf etc..)   Inspired by Bautista in Dexter. 
  2. Personal Assistant Body Guard ex-Marine from a Local Martial Arts Family. Optimized for Striking and specialized grappling ability with skill adaption. 
  3. Honey Trap, sister of the PA MA. Secretly a skilled grappler. Former Ms. Haven, moonlights as underwear model, and all the skills that makes a good Honey Trap. 
  4. Old Retired Hacker. former legend during the cold war, retired in Haven and works as the systems security and all other Electronics Ops needs of a powerful lawfirm. Since there are many young hackers, I'd try an old school one. because of such, he is more hardware focused, which is great for a 3rd world country like Haven which doesnt have the Infra.  
  5. Witch. Walda the voodoo witch that got tortured and escaped the Jackals finds shelter with Mama Mary. 
  6. Wheelman. Since Tasha is Tedora's cousin, this makes her brother fit to be Mary's annoying but very competent wheelman and plain clothes informer. 
  7. Analyst/Sleuth. former Army Intelligence (I learned in some third world countries their Army or Navy or Airforce houses their Intelligence agency, ex Philippines Naval Intelligence is the Intelligence Agency also of South East Asia because of the Archipelago nature of the neighbors) Inspired by Kalinda (goodwife) and Lena (Ray Donavan)
  8. Professional Asshole Bulldog Right-hand Inspired by Ari Gold (Good Wife) & Eli Gold (Entourage), which are all inspired by Air Emanuel. 
  9. Cleaner. Former Police Lieutenant. Specializes in tying up loose ends. Basically an Procedural an Methodical Criminal with Assassin abilities. Examples Mike Ehrmantraut of Breaking Bad.). 

Other than her the Prince of Bots, Osman's prodigy son is another character that would work very much with a player with a schedule problem. When ever he is not around: There is bad Reception. The prince of Bots aid Osman and the Party by giving a bunch of technical skills to their problem solving challenges.

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