Monday, October 7, 2013

Open Table; 5 or more Players in Roll20

I have an open invite to my GURPS Modern Fantasy Game. I tend an interested person every other week. So far out of the 4 people who asked (which i clicked invite to game) 1 has joined and 1 has voiced interest in playing and has chosen Merle Jessie's character (because Jessie can't make the schedule and I have little time to make a new pregen).

I try not to limit the max players because I have some fall out. Many of the interested people are really just shopping around. Although I do really have a maximum number of players, and I'm worried if I might go over that maximum which will cause the game will suffer, it seems that it never happened. Life seems to get in the way of so many of us, it hasn't gone overboard YET.

5 or more players in roll20

When there are a lot of players or if I'm a player (or the GM), I recommend to write down your actions in Roll20 chat log instead (i think some of my fellow players do the same). The GM can focus on the player he's talking to and quickly respond with the Text Action (multi-tasking without having to eat up extra attention if you used up your spotlight minutes). If your feeling generous with the details feel free to put it in the Chat log. I recommend, Yes& or just Improvising something (with clear intent) and let the GM just decide. Also don't forget to soft remind the GM (he's only human) if he skips your turn.

When the GM responds, write it down as well. That way its all in the campaign notes/ Chat Log so that it would be easy to follow when in doubt. I really should put a Time Unit and export the Chat Log and link it to the Video.

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