Friday, July 23, 2010

if making Open Role-Playing Game System make a wiki

I just realized that if I plan to make my home-brew transparent, accessible and easily improved/altered to make derived system. I might as well pour all my homebrew notes in a wiki.

maybe because I didn't want a half assed system scrutinized before its ready!

But it will never be ready, not with just one perspective looking at it. Anyway, my design notes litter the mechanics, its easy to just cut and paste it all.


Tru said...

I did this with my game, Quick & Easy (In spanish), and lot of people said to me it won't work, that nobody will help or use it.

I used creative commons cc-by-sa license, and lot of people said it won't work, that only OGL is worth to use in rpg projects of this kind.

Now it has a very active community, more than 10 setting books (from community, not me), and rulebook is avalaible in lulu (POD) and some shops in spain (few, but we use or own distribution channel).

We're not an editorial, we're not proffesionals, but it works, and very well.

Now we're trying to publish it in english, our next step.

So, just 3 words for you: It can work.

PS: If you wanna take a look our wiki (almost everything in spanish) our it's here:

justin aquino said...

Thanks Miguel, I've started fixing it up. there is a lot of work to be done but I don't mind.

I checked it out, I can understand a bit of spanish (and there is Google Translate). Great Work!