Wednesday, July 3, 2013

CRUNCH compression

Now that there is evidence in the form of on air video of how I GM I'm pretty RP heavy for a self proclaimed munchkin... Of course I crunch a lot, but I crunch so that others don't have too.

I never require crunch from my players or any homework but I do enjoy looking at dominant strategy or figuring out how one is supposed to min max.

I get a bit exasperated when people treat me or others like an idiots for the choices they make when no doctrine wad ever set down, it's like we are supposed to be mind readers.

I write doctrine so that you don't need to read the entire Ultra Tech book and understand the consequences of all these options in some matrix. I narrow the problems to a few and set expectations... But these things only matter to a simulationist and you want those unnecessary details to be part of your mental construct.
People want to jump into a game and have fun,

Crunch stuff I'm currently Doing:

Organizing Ultra Tech. Basically I'm consolidating ULTRA tech in a way that my players can easily follow the book and not get overwhelmed. One of the methods of organization is as follows: 

Sample Doctrine. Basically this is looking at the Ultra Tech book and seeing how all the technology work together. It is basically taking all the technology and min-maxing, seeing which is most used given cost, availability, and restrictions. Doctrines set expectations, 

Ex. In a sci-fi TL10 setting, its most likely Civilian Exo-Skeleton would be merged with Vacc-Suit with Survival Suit capabilities. Its basically like your phone with all the doo-hickeys, second its allows for a greater market share and flexibility. It also points out to some legal and control aspects... most importantly less head-ache for GM and Players. I call this a "Life Suit". 

Suit Visualization Notes.if you can imagine how your clothes Clothes are about 2-3lbs; working clothes 4-5lbs; balistic suit is about 6lbs; Tactical Suit is 15lbs; Smart Vacc-Suit is about 15lbs; Armored Smart Vaccsuit is a Tactical Suit + SmartVaccsuit at about 30lbs; Multi-Spec Cammo (like in GITS) is a fine layer that goes to about 6lbs on what ever your wearing. 
Life Suits. People Wear Lifesuits all the time unless they are in vacation in a very secure and sealed environment. 

Variable Gravity - you have Exo-Suit that can handle that. It provides both callibration and resistance, as well as a medium for a Free-Fall or Aerobatic software.   
Exercise, you can have your self suspended and the Exo-Feedback will allow you to exericise. Sweaty the survival suit micromachines will take care of everything, I mean everything. 
Sweating, Pooping and Peeing - yup Hes' not just sitting there reading the paper, his suit is collecting waste for disposal. Don't forget no one gets to smell Fart. I always imagined the suit being a bit invasive with microfillement and tendrils moving up the orifices and helping the matter along as well as redistributing the water "ewwww" but facinating to imagine how Still Suits or Survival suits work considering the human plumbing. Funny that it might compress all the poop, salts, and waste an innert and protected capsul for ship's recycling systems to digest.  
Toxic Atmosphere - no problem 
Low Pressure Atmosphere - no problem
Radiation Levels - no problem 
Ship Took Damage and we are leaking, exposed to radiation... etch better than just wearing a suit. 
Power - well if you allow, seats have wireless charging or seats have charging adaptors. 
Medical Monitoring - someone is dehydratate, hyperventilating, High BP, etc... 
Protection from Veradicator Programs which is already appearing now when you wear a helmet or certain headware

Traveller Party and Individual Load-Outs. so that the GM or the Players start out quickly. Note that Load Outs depend on Doctrine, if your World does not do X or Y, then Load Outs would differ. Mine considers much of the technology and all the countermeasures that would eventually come about it. The GM skips to the key challenges and details. 
Example - how the Lifesuit would change Laws of Privacy and Security. 

Cybernetics Doctrine. Yup how to control and make sure cybernetics dont get out of hand, and the Messy aspect of Points vs Cash Cost. So I've munchkined it to see how abusive it can be, and took into consideration Scarcity, Legal Control, and Markets. again its a seperate section in Doctrine. The one I'm writing about its extensive cyberization BUT there are social and legal ramifications. Note that Cybernetics are EXPENSIVE and even in UT TL10 you only have a finite starting wealth to begin with. 

Psionics Doctrine. Psionics is basically Cybernetics using TL11^ nano and bio technology. the attempt is to make Augmentation without need of invasive procedures and cyberdocs and part of regular reproduction.  

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