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IMTU: Mind-Emulator + Drone Fighters

I just stumbled on something I am wondering if anyone else figured out: with Mind Emulation, Pilots can basically be Synced to Fighters or what will be Drone Fighters. Trying to get over my organic bias, if the stats are the same being organic vs digital should not matter and moving forward contemplating the consequences.

How this works
1) A pilot has a Mind-Emulation made for his Drone Fighter. 
2) The Pilot Syncs up to make sure they are all aligned. 

3) The Pilot is kept in a sensory shielded state, only able to receive his own experiences from his Drone Fighter. To keep Mind-Emulation Alignment from having to many variables and telemetry lag. 

4) What happens next is that Pilots are Fighting using a Computer that is Much more powerful than their own mind, running their mind as a program with higher spec-hardware (see FAST UT28, grants Enhanced time Sense). In GURPS a Fast Main-frame can run a Complexity 10 (mind emulation only needs complexity 9) but is worth $4M  Shielded and $30k for the emulation Software. 

5) The Fighter Pilot basically transfer's his consciousness to the $4M mainframe and the pilots gains Enhanced Time Sense when the mind emulation is run at a higher complexity. The Ship feedbacks his experiences through Telemetry/Mindlink but only as his mind emulation makes decisions (a real existential leap; You have to be over Mind-body Dualism). Ship gets destroyed, pilot is still alive, ship can react far faster than a HUMAN fighter with ETS. Basically you can say that ETS allows the Pilot to ignore all the Multi-Tasking penalties as he makes Sensor, Comm, EW, defense rolls, fighting rolls etc... 

6) Every-time there is Mindlink the pilot gets his Sensie/Sensory update what just happened, regarded to his emulated decision making. The Organic becomes the "back-up" copy lolz. It happens so fast and the pilot is in ETS mode that everything is like a dream, so fast and so much detail bombarding his human mind. 

things to consider
3 laws of Robotics. Is it except from the 3 laws?
Fighter Doctrine. This basically changes the entire doctrine and use of Fighters or Drones. Instead of Lifesupport, all the space and mass is dedicated to shielding and mindlink.
Drones as a screening element, reminding me of the Chmmr Avatar's point defense satelites

by dragon

Accountability of Mind Emulations. is it the Pilot, the Organization of the Pilot, or the software designer? 
Emulations that Survive its Pilots!? What will happen if the Ship gets destroyed but the Fighter Drone Survives??? Characters only existing as a Mind Emulation. ooooo so much stories to tell Lolz. 

Other Applications
Apply this to Combat Robots, Armor, Etc... A combat Robot that is big enough (see my combot robot examples) and can burn $10M can basically run an emulation to give-himself ETS in the same body if there is space for a Micro-frame. Yikes, this means a Robot can purchase Altered Time Rate capped by the GM and having to pay for the Software enhancement +5CF for every ATR level up to 9! or +45CF or $1.48M software. 

Wow GURPS combat in 0.1 Second turns lolz.  

Weaknesses, as a digital mind, it can be Hacked.

4dton Drone
Tech Level: 10
Hull: 4dton Airframe Needle/Wedge Stealth Hull, dDR 10 armor
Systems: 1 Maneuver Drive, Model-0 Sensors (Scan14), 1.5 Fusion Power,  Hardened Mainframe,  Weapon Bay able to hold 3 Turret Weapons in an Internal Bay .
Statistics: EMass 30 tons, LMass 35 tons, Cost M$13, SM +3, ASig -3, Hull dHP 16, Life Support 0, sAccel 6.6G, No Jump, Top Air Speed 2,739 mph.
Crew: None (Drone, uses a Mind Emulation of the Pilot).

4dton Drone
Tech Level: 10
Hull: 4dton Airframe Needle/Wedge Stealth Hull, dDR 10 armor
Systems: 1 Maneuver Drive, Model-0 Sensors (Scan14), 1.5 Fusion Power,  Hardened Mainframe,  Weapon Bay able to hold 3 Turret Weapons in an Internal Bay (Strike Ultra Violet Pulse Laser with 2E-Cell,  x2 200mm Missile Rack (with 24 HE 200mm missiles).
Statistics: EMass 30 tons, LMass 35 tons, Cost M$15, SM +3, ASig -3, Hull dHP 16, Life Support 0, sAccel 6.6G, No Jump, Top Air Speed 2,739 mph.
Crew: None (Drone, uses a Mind Emulation of the Pilot).

As such this only occupies so much less space that a 200dton hangar that would normally house 10 x 10dton fighters can house 25 drones. With launch tubes and the rules for use in ship combat in ISW224.

Converting a Fighter to a Drone.
add Fast Hardened Main-Frame for $4M use the rest of the space for other upgrades or extra weapons.

you can find all the counter arguments of those who defend dualism in the link. Ghost in the Shell, is a sci-fi that quantifies a "ghost" and believes in Dualism. So its really up to your sci-fi or science tastes since this is just a game.

I won't explain my own view because, like everyone else's, its a long thought about answer and its pointless to discuss because you can say every thing I experience is an "anecdote" lolz. I assume everyone came to their own conclusion and when new facts enter the scene, hopefully they change their views to accommodate the facts. 

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