Thursday, July 4, 2013

On GM Hiatus, but still want to talk about games

Currently I'm on GM Hiatus because of work, studies, vacation plans and my airsoft team for this month of July.

Thanks to +Dave Morris for humoring my questions lolz.  I've always wanted to try Google OnAir just to talk about games, since the game fell through, only Dave could make it, we just decided to talk about games and a chance for me to find out more about my fellow gamers. 

After this discussion the other guys, those in +Mark Knights Traveller Game seem to be open to a discussion after the game. Even just about 30 minutes where people get to update us in their current situation and their ideas. 

Google OnAir is very very useful in this regard, particularly in discussions because Gdocs allows me to keep notes and air these notes while listening to Dave. I realize unlike regular conversation where we can lose focus of the topics we are talking about, the Gdocs allows me to keep track of what is being talked about and keep the discussion focused on that. Lately I've been using it in all the Games I've been playing and found it very very helpful, of course hopefully no one minds the bad spelling since laptop keyboards are not the best when it comes to typing speed (and the silicone keyboard protector). 

I'm not a writer by training, so interviewing is a skill I'm doing off-default (gurps term for doing it unskilled). Still I'd like to listen to people talk to games, hence listening to RPG podcasts, and find out more about the people I play with so that I can better intuit what to do. 

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