Friday, July 26, 2013

IMTU exo-skeletons, bonus Freight Handling AI

I've been trying to reverse engineer powered armor calculations in UT but I'm not that good in math or physics/engineering to break it down. I might as well say its arbitrary. Still I want more Exo-Skeletons, or XS for short, in my game here are some guidelines based on existing rules.

  1. Just use the  ST/HP calculation formula (like that in B558) found in the B558 under unliving machine to get the Striking and Lifting strength of a XS based on weight.
  2. Assume $500 per lb. 
  3. Assume Efficiency improves by 50% in TL10 (x1.5 to ST), and 100% in TL11. 
  4. Efficiency Modifier is how much more expensive a XS is relative to the base cost, but better in performance. Efficiency modifier  Square Root the Cost Modifier, use this to get the percentage, and minus the 100% to get the remaining % increase. half the remaining percent increase. This way it does not escalate too fast. Its possible that Custom Built XS can perform way beyond the Mass-Produced norm (like in Sports Cars or F1 racers). 

  5. You can combine rigid armor and XS weight of at least 1/3 of the total weight powered armor weight to calculate for ST/HP. you still calculate base cost using the rigid armor's weight (now that its part of the XS)
Example. Cost Modifier is CF+1 = 2. Sqrt of 2 is 1.4 or 140% increase. Half the 40% to get only a +20% increase in efficiency to Lifting and Striking.

If you want to separate Lifting from Striking just re-allocate them as though they were character points with Lifting at 3cp and Striking with 5cp.

So UT181-182 TL10 version of the TL9 exo skeletons should be ST lifting and striking modifier  should be 50% more efficient.

Example 10lbs TL9 exoskeleton would be $5,000 but would only have ST/HP 8, not enough grant a ST bonus. A 4x increase in cost increases the ST efficiency to 50% to ST/HP12 (or +2) for $20,000 at TL10 this would have been +8 ST.

Rigid Armor and Exo-Skeletons So 115 of rigid armor and XS is 57,500 plus the $3,500 DR70/50 clamshell armor = 61,000. Then add the life support and you have $71,000 plus $2,000 an E battery and all those built in gadgets.   

Visualizing Benchmarks
Concealed Body Suit is 6lbs
Tactical Body Suit is 15lbs
Body Heavy Clamshell is 46lbs (like Low Tech Plate armor; half the DR on rear torso and leg attacks; Follows UT Hitlocation rules, note that this is Different from Low Tech Hit Location Rules)
Powered Armor is 130lbs with DR70/50, life support, and XS.
"Stealth" XS 10lbs.
(Low Tech vs Ultra Tech Hit Location)

TL9 "Hardsuit"

Heavy Clamshell Torso 18lbs $900
Light Clamshell Limbs and Extremities 31lbs $1,560 (x2.6 of Light Clamshell; x.67 for 1/2 DR on the rear)
73.5lbs (24.5 of XS, the rest is from rigid armor; ST/HP18 for +8 lifting and striking) of XS $36,750
plus $10,000 and 15lbs vacc life support
plus $1,000 and 10lbs of Desert Survival Systems
plus $2000 and 20lbs TL9 E-cell
$55,000; 120lbs.

TL10 "Flex Suit"

Tactical Suit $2000 15lbs
25lbs (25 of XS; ST/HP18 for +6 lifting and striking) of XS $25,000
plus $5,000 and 15lbs vacc life support
plus $1,000 and 2lbs of Desert Survival Systems
plus $2000 and 20lbs TL9 E-cell
$35,000; 62lbs.

Exoskeletons to move 25tons worth of Cargo.
You don't need a lot of Exo-Skeletons but Jacks, Cranes, Harnesses, and Cargo Containers. A healthy amount of this can speed up moving goods in hours.

Freighthandling should be a valuable skill since the Opportunity Cost is berth and delivery day expenses. You still need a Volitional AI Operator to make sure Ideally handled by a Tech Bot Weak Dedicated AI in a Small Computer at 100cp CF+5, in Freight Handling and Possession CF+1 and 9 Compartmentalized Minds CF+22.5 to coordinate all the equipment would be around for a cost of CF28.5 $8,550 to speed up it all up to Freight Handling (A) IQ+15 [60]-27.  -9 to the check to bring down the time it takes to 10% leaves a skill of 18.  

I really should make a Freight Work calculation formula, just to exercise my math. If I was running Traveller for High School and BS Math me in 1994-2000 I think would not have changed majors :(

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