Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Writing about Solutions

I want the hobby to grow, I want it that when my son gets old enough he can find many to play with. So I want to write about solutions to the RPG entry barriers.

Game Solutions
By write I also make some spreadsheet and tools for it. Hopefully in a year from now I can make a simple python program that can help in traveller games, and maybe in a year or two from then an app that is "GM's" best friend when running traveller.

Making your solutions and writing and doing regular life things, studying, and running games all together is a  hard to juggle... and very time consuming. I better get used to how slow my progress is going to be.

Right Now I can just draw up Spreadsheets. Sorry for those who prefer other systems, GURPS needs more easy and available automation.

Introducing Modern Technology to Traveller.
I am one of those guys who are upset about how Traveller, has lost its "science" credentials by not evolving to incorporate the present day technology. Altering one's view in light of new evidence and technology, is a science thing.
Einstein said something like "If I can find it why do I have to keep it in my head". With the digital age, our augmented memory through the Internet should be taken advantage of. 
So that line is the limit of my complaint, I want to do something about it. I want to write how one incorporates so much computing power for non-computer-science minds. I want to help GMs and Players who are not into programming and science like it through the game and through the soft introduction of it.

People should not be afraid if they don't get it all in one sitting, its like learning a new skill, we don't master it instantly. Although being with a group who talk about it and discuss it with notes and reference material is great, and allows people to catch up very very fast.

I am one of those guys who when i first saw Ghost in the Shell I was overwhelmed, but after reading up on Hard Science stuff I was able to grasp a lot of it. Particularly about Hacking, Social Engineering, and Hard Sci-fi thanks to Atomic Rockets.

Making Science Easier to Digest through Sci-Fi games
A niche that by how altruistic it sounds definitely will not make money and no one will want to read lolz. So its great as a topic of write about for me.

Work and Writing.
The frustrations at work is one of my main drivers to write. I can't exactly wish I write for a living because the input I get at work really upsets me... I mean it gives me a lot to write about. It creeps into my writing why i focus on Analysis, technology, setting expectations, coordination, and trying to create a great experience.

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