Friday, July 5, 2013

Writing update traveller instant crew

Wow 9 write ups for an instant crew complete with load outs and optimized. 

As a munchkin in gurps skill 21 is not that high because in Traveller there are so many penalties because you always end up in unfamiliar new places. Especially social skills, where every system and local that is in the millions generates their own subculture quickly.
Then there are the Technical skills that have penalties for less than ideal conditions if I were to be a stickler regarding TDM and how tasks work. Also reading the rules and the typical conditions, often there would be a penalty of about -3 to -5, and if the players are Rushing (which is Often) then -1 per 10% less time. 21 at -9 is enough to bring down the time to source goods and passengers to 12 hours BUT you can only go as fast as the other persons merchant so whats great about Skill 21 merchant is that you can fit in 2 deals in a day and let it mature in the upcoming 5 days. In reflection my Merchant in a traveller game where I'm the player is only 18 :( unless the GM allows singleminded to kick in when I'm sourcing or other players to add their work hours.  

Now I need to polish the load outs, the character that gave me the most trouble is the one with non-psi powers. Characters should have playability remarks, this one is for more advanced players and those who take the time to read the character sheet lolz. 

They have motives, they don't exist in a vacuum, three of the characters have no family which is not bad, I have a Gender-morph, and two of the characters are reigned in combat monsters, one full cyborg, everyone has the basic cyber load out of neural jack and wireless capability like in ghost in the Shell.
Accounting and References.
My major effort would be the point accounting and referencing all the books and pages. Ideas are one thing but all the reference material and organization hopefully makes people appreciate these Pregens.
Designed for people who have bad eyes like me, I use bullet points instead of a block of stat text. If it's in a block of stat text it's not important.
I was working with a budget so I really didn't know what will turn out after it was mostly done. Many characters are under budget by 5 or more points to burn as fate points or customization.
They are fairly heroic and save for one are good humane people. The tastes for various rper are considered except those who want to play sociopaths. Sufficient complications that can be make them be a stand alone NPC hook for an adventure. 

Damn enough material that I could write scripts for some episodes lolz.

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