Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I'm all for GM criticism

I'm actually happy that a Player gave me his constructive criticism lately. In my previous GM days, years and years ago, my games just died and i did not know what I did wrong. When I get criticism I get a chance to correct mistakes and find out more how the player enjoys the game and make alterations based on that.

When someone takes the time to talk to me about the game, it means they are taking the time to have a discussion and the actions that will result from the discussion.

Recently I can't get any discussion right after the game, it takes time for the mistakes to sink in, because I can understand people are trying to actively enjoy the game and putting to one side the arguments and criticisms that would derail it.

In my Time Zone, GMT+8, there are more gamers than where I am, more than 0, but still limited. If I measure by the inquiries and other active gamers there are about 20-30 people and most of which are busy and have already on going games. Most players I see are in GMT-4 to -1 (PST, CST, EST).

 I can only fix my schedule to make one Weekday Morning Game 9am game.

I really should focus more on my mandarin exercises, If I could meet HSK level 3 or better 4 which is Accented level of fluency, in GURPS Terms, I can run games and write notes in simplified chinese, not that I know of any Chinese gamers BUT I wouldnt know because I'm not in that sphere. researching in chinese langauge sphere is going to be very different. In my Time Zone the largest population speaks Mandarin more than 1.3B and playing the demographic numbers there may be enough curious people who will want to try out an RPG, not to mention doing Introduction Videos in Mandarin.

Lolz, like an RPG missionary preaching the good word. There are so many parallels to that. I guess it would  help I can do Warring States RPG unfortunately, 3 kingdoms is more popular and I really need flash cards to memorize the cast of thousands.

Running games for Native Mandarlin speakers reminds me of how much my speaking has changed playing with other english speaking peoples. I'm able to widen my comprehension and understand despite the difference of accent, also I really should explain things clearer in a more neutral accent.

If I pour about 4-5 hours a week, I can DO IT! Especially while I listen to my son's Mandarin Preschool Videos.

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