Thursday, July 25, 2013

IMTU augmentation is signature gear

I've ruled that cybernetics a dependent bio tech mods are signature Gear and min maxed it to see how far it goes. 

It doesn't go too far, especially when you make it the burden of the player to keep his papers in check and in order, with great power comes great paperwork! 

Seriously From the min maxing I had some hard questions answer in what will I allow in a game and the power level possible.

If there is an economic and legal limit to a dangerous combo and more than one person checked the combo and sided with a conservative interpretation I don't think it's unmanageable.

I'll post my compete techno doctrine notes by next week after I edit it for readability since I noticed I write with gaps and so many errors. I ended up making one because of all the dangerous combos that needed to be tested on paper to see if it's feasible and cost efficient with economic and game theory considerations.

That's where all the sample battle Dress robot tanks drones and VAI and NVAI came from. I had to make more than one version of something to test if it made sense and the guidelines worked.

I'll write up a sample combat next with ETS robot Tanks and Battledress. I want to see if Uncle Ivan a war vet in the body of a GITS inspired combat robot can take on a gurps UT light Grav tank in a scenario where he goes rogue and they send in a hover tanks and fast response cyclone Battledress against him. I just have to do the crunch then summarize the capabilities in a simple paragraph or two.

Better check out concept robots for a good skin to use. 

Biotech has rules in augmentations that basically says you have to pay points. I noticed this is all to do with "Self reliance" and what counts as "needs vs wants" and all this philosophical nuance that when boiled down many people have differing and opposing opinions. 

By beef is that Character Point inflation (Now the game is 250 pointer if you have to run such a Cyberpunk game), is harder to control than material inflation. 

Material Inflation is easy, economic forces just dry up supply and demand. Economic circumstance ADAPTS to the Dominant Strategy, so broken combos stop being broken on their own when everyone does it and everyone defends against it.

then there is "how do you define Self reliance, what is need vs want" which is leads to another can of worms. 

As materials, we can have packages and Norms. Like clothing as a package, now Neural Jacks and Wirlesss interfaces are "Norms" and is just part of the character's package. Yes you get have it as a Lense, but you've made people of a certain "ERA" way better than intrinsically vs economically. (again the messy affair of this philosophical discussion). 

Also, does that means I have to pay twice: Money and POints for augmentation in the future? Its just weird, if I get an education that I pay for by taking out crippling Loans do I have to pay for the points of the result of that Education? (again head ache of the philosophical kind). 

Its a game, do what ever the GM tells you or allows.

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