Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Fuzion RPG System Review

Fuzion RPG Super Cheap Oldie and Goodie. $3 USD for a system. If you are curious check out the free PDF in Talsorian Games. The wikipedia will do a better overview than me.

I first learned about Fuzion through my RIFTS GM, +Russell Tomas, in around 1999-2000. Learning the system I found out that one of my favorite Anime at the time, Loddos War, was in Fuzion.

My Experience with It.
Its very very simple and easy. No head ache, and no excuses one could not make a character in about 30-20mins after reading all the rules first time, and 10 minutes after that. Its 58 pages and you only need to skimm it, so really really easy. Its "ease" is perfect for casual gaming, and since the system is so open, easy to tweak.

When +Russell Tomas ran it for us, he was running RIFTS, it was easy for us to die but it was easy to make a character again. Since RIFTS is a kitchen sink setting we could make ANYTHING, superheroes to cyberpunk to anime to comicbook etc... so we were an wild bunch. The Fuzion is also great in a non-Kitchen sink setting.

Bubblegum Crisis uses Fuzion and becomes a great source for Cyberpunk stuff.
Mekton Zeta is a Gundam Inspired Fuzion game. Note that all such games are cross compatible with each other.

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