Sunday, August 11, 2013

A fictional nation complete with maps

A Great resource for modern campaigns. I'll add this to my gurps modern fantasy game. I better save this.

The Koana Islands was the Fictional Nation I was looking for when I was going to run my GURPS Modern Fantasy. I didn't know it was this well developed at the same time, I wanted to run a THIRD WORLD country with Mega Slums, Retired Mega-Freighters, a mostly abandoned Warehouse district (where collateral damage would cheapen the cost of demolition) and many more Dungeon Like dwellings. 

Damn, further research reveals all this detail is for "Fantasy" Baseball. Okaaaaay... oh well. Haven is not so bad and I'll include Koana in the setting... although such a plush and happy utopia would be the neighbor that gets allot of Haven Oversease Contract Workers. 

Haven is North east-ish of Madagascar. So to the West of Koana Republic, its dirty, poor, illiterate, and Intolerant neighbor... with all sorts of Illegal and Arms trade. 

Being a Plutocracy Anarchy I'm thinking all the Libertarian and Objectivist Plutarchs would want to make this their dream home and pull a long middle finger by making this place a true Internet Anarchy but using Open Standard Computing. A rogue-ish State with Capitalist Sycophanthy will be a great place to hide wealth (like the Caymans but with the financing and slavery to install under sea cables). 

It would be an interesting thing if I would allow "Pirate Coins" currency as part of the economy in the little Haven Hell-hole (and a huge Pron Industry that cater the most illegal of tastes). I'm thinking of more ways to screw with fictional peoples and make the world contrast ironically with the rest of reality. 

Waddiya is a real place in this setting and one of the Main Trading Partners of Haven! Using story telling as a source of Irony and Humor regarding real world tragedy lolz. 

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