Friday, August 2, 2013

I got published in JTAS!

Wife had good news today and today, I got my good news!
They had to break it down because it was too long it was broken down to parts. I'll post one character who didn't make it in time to be submitted and fairly challenging to integrate into a group in a future post.

What you will find:
Back story with origins.
Detailed Load Out and Augmentation List - Complete with Page reference, Costs, and Notes
Playing Notes has some hooks and simplification of what the abilities can do.
Note: inspired by Ghost in the Shell, where many characters have basic cybernetic load out.

My favorite part is the Quirks. I tried to not make it "Throw-away" quirks and dig deeper. I was trying to choose quirks that showed up all the time, basically like Character "Color".

Low in Posts
This is great, especially since I had to pull a whole series of posts because I was double checking them against Douglas Coles' calculations. There are legit numbers and they look scary too high. I beginning to like the numbers I made up at root of 4 energy.

Trying to Accommodating  the Following in GURPS Traveller Ship Combat

  • UT Lasers (not compatible)
  • UT Missiles (not exactly compatible; like where does the 1 hour constant accel endurance come from?) 
  • Scaling rules for the weapons. 
  • High Initial Velocity Missiles (cannon launched gyrocs or gauss launched missiles of 100mm and up)
  • Allowing for KE ballistic weapons (small gyrocs 25mm up to 100mm) use. I realized that some KE balistic weapons can alter trajectory being effective non-laser.  
  • and summarizing it all in Doctrine Notes. Initial Verdict - it gets more complicated for me, but after summarizing it and simplifying it as Best Practices it is simplified. Gauss Launched Missiles (like in Honorverse) can work in GT ship combat, it can even replace doctine if I build it into the ship builder spreadsheet and rebuild all the ships with these weapons. The tweaks have to curtail rules that lead to very dangerous repurcussions.    

Example: Active Sensor Targeting with Xray laser gives it Accuracy 24+24. with target's ship size +11 to 15, and average gunner skill of 12-15. The safe stand off range is 48+15+15 = 78 which is about several Light Hours away... I have to keep combat with in Light Seconds or about 30 hexes.

I figure I may have an easier time studying Blender Game engine and Burster (a web tool that ports Blender Game engine into a Browser) than plugging this hole and building a Ship Combat game from scratch (which I keep in mind while I study). Plug it in to Roll20 and WHAM a ship combat game where the whole party is involved.   

Here are my Spreadsheet Notes it was originally used to calculate distance of a missile traveled in one GT combat Turn. Double checking if the damage scaling didn't have any bugs. leave a comment here if you see anything wrong with my math.

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