Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Part 3 of Instant Party

Last installment. About 9 characters 5 AIs, and all the page references, notes, and accounting done already with points to spare to burn as Fate Points and Customization.

Most of the characters are "exotic" and are sideways take on some archetypes- gendermorph chinese opera triad gangster, marine cyborg humanist literature expert, naval-dynasty scion moonlighting as travel writer, Biotech hacker athlete/survivalist, a couple of wild cards I don't want to give away, a Poor Noble with Downton Abbey inspired AI companions, and An everyman with guilty pleasures. A basic business plan and ops cost and overview.

I enjoyed making it and learned around about the system's limits as well as the kind of combos and doctrines given the options available in UT and BT. Basically squeezed UT and BT of all its "cheese" (term we use for munchkiny goodness).

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