Friday, August 9, 2013

[Classic Traveller] Robot Rules to make an Exo-Skeleton

my Cripple of a Character (Str 2, max can carry 14lbs) needs a prosthetic exo skeleton and has the social status to get away with it. Built a Robot designed as an Exo-skeleton. The definition of a Robot has gone a long way since the 80s.

This Exo Skeleton Ideally is added to a Vacc Suit. and Like an Battledress requires Vacc-Suit 1 skill.
$40,000 and 150lbs. Density of a "real world" space suit but sleeker. A lot of the volume is dedicated to fuel.
Add the cost and weight of a Vacc Suit and Survival Suit (for the life support) +$10,000

Needs Vacc Suit 1 and ideally get also Electronics 1, and Mechanic 1

When budget allows:
add heraldry and status related "bling"
add Armor (Combat Armor level of toughness)
Sacrifice Dex for Strength (medium to heavy arms).

Hope my GM approves the stats.

URPUnitsVolume (L)WeightCostPowerVol ModWgt ModCost ModFuel/Hr
4Chassis Size808 kG$9,500
0Power Plant-2020 kG$600100.1
2Legs2-1610 kG$1,120
Legs225 kG$120-2.5
1Head1-44 kG$950-1
2AppendagesLight Arms2012 kG$2,000-4
4CPU spaceLCPU20-42 kG$10,000-1
EStorage28-143 kG$7,000
2LogicLow Automation$7,000
0# of AppsTouch Sensitivity1.5350-1.5
Fuel Storage24-242 kG
066 kG$39,640
Duration (hr)24010 days
Mobility (m/s)4 m/s0.72m/s^226m/6s

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