Friday, August 16, 2013

Bull Pup version of STG44

Poor lighting is a great way to hide the flaws. Lolz. 
I wanted to make WW2 gun updates since they should be "public domain" by now and the rights to them should free and available. I like the Stg 44 and even had for a short time impoverished myself to buy the Airsoft Version. 
To WW2 people this gun is Blasphemy lolz. You have to thank +bobby navarro for getting me into ww2 since this was the GURPS games he ran and his traveller games had a WW2 flavor in them. (i even have my own german soldier uniform). WW2 is an expensive hobby, until maybe 3d printers or a friend with machining tools and a garage of easy access. 

So this is actually made for IMSU (in my sci-fi universe) and my GURPS modern campaign. This is the "standard" gun and has the reputation for durability and ease of production at the expense of precision. There are many variants that cater to Doctrine of various States and Militaries. There are 7.62x39mm versions to Nato 7.62 to 5.56 to 10-15mm caseless rounds. 

It ejects cartridges where the original STG44 would have its sight. (I will details this if i have the time) throwing the casing (if any) forward and front. The designs of so many variations litter the web and many emerging economies find this very easy to produce with stamped sheet metal and wood or plastic. 

I was able to use Google Hangout with +James Austin to test out doing blender in On Air and it works. It works and wow, its a great learning tool too bad I don't have skills worth teaching that would have people pay good money for Lolz! 


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