Saturday, August 3, 2013

IMTU to IMSU (In My Sci-Fi Universe)

It was recently I was introduced to the existence of "In My Traveller Universe" Setting Codes. Then there is the really cool GM badges. I guess one's GM style and setting can be sumarized quickly in codes that would fit a small space in the Profile and Blog. 

I've realized I've been speaking so much Traveller heresy with H+ I'll just say IMSU instead as I shift towards an open Sci-Fi setting. To give me more time to study coding and Blender, i'll be posting some notes. When I do come up with some skills, I'll try to make time to teach them (as a way to test my understanding maybe on-air to serve as video notes). By next week if Jtas doesnt' notice or approve my article I'm moving forward to publishing it on my blog. the content is enough to fill up probably 11 days of posts.  

+ is pro
- is anti

Since there is a spectrum of variants one can put us much emphasis or + or - to a concept. I guess people who really want to focus in a particular element can have it, above all others, have the most + or - (if the emphasis is Anti or lack of something). 

Sci-Fi reveals a lot about a person's political and philosophical stances, sadly. One can just be willfully ignorant about the choices regarding sci-fi elements and leave matters gray or ambiguous (I think not asking to much questions is best to maintain healthy relationships lolz). 

Transhumanism.  Anti Transhumanism is just Humanism or Human-Centric. 
Aliens. Will there be alien life forms, and its emphasis. Spectrums of "Anti" would range to non-sapient to simple organisms to life only comes from earth.
Trade. This is a playing style more than setting style. greater emphasis means greater focus, one can look at the present day with the emphasis of Free Trade emphasize on it.
Dystopic/Utopic. Depends which one you use.
Cyberpunk. nuf sed
Cinematic/Gritty.  A style choice that affects the setting.
Robots. Robots as characters would require at least a + here. ++ would be that robots as characters are common enough. - up to  - - - would relegate them only as "smart" tools to very very unreliable tools.  Which is unusual for a Sci-fi but these "codes" can be used in the game.
AI. I guess it would be under Transhumanism if AI is seen has "Self Aware" or "deserving" of rights.
Military. as much as for style or setting focus.
Imperialism - or basically a united government and its effectivity. Some settings don't think it as effective.
Ships. If the focus is on ships.
Cowboys. nuf sed
Noir. and any kind of Genre (Hardboiled, Opera, etc..)
Science (specify)  it can be in general, those heretical scientific method pushers and assholes of intellectual integrity.
Technology or Gearheaded ness OR emphasis that technology seen in present affected the Sci-fi setting in some way.
Speed of Travel Communication -  a notation more of an emphasis, but if this barrier is strictly enforced
Social Commentary - GM's who want to take Real World baggage and inject it to the game as a point of drama like that annoying topic of transhumanism, equality, fairness, social responsibility, rights, obligations, sovereignty, nationalism, ideology, etc.. (I guess a healthy - - - would be a good sign lolz). 

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