Thursday, August 8, 2013

Classic Traveller sounds more like a Dystopia?

Recently playing a character with Str 2 and Dex 3 in Traveller, I realize the importance of the prosthetic exo-skeleton for the handicapped. When the Japanese exo skeleton prototype first came out It was harder to appreciate until I realized that the alternative is a wheelchair and a need for help.

Funny that in Classic Traveller they hate prosthetics and cybernetics and robots but are mostly made up of entrepreneurs with belters spacers and various self made people??? so once someone gets crippled and cyberware and exo-suits can solve their problem they are pariah :D lolz. its like criminalizing or making socialized health care taboo lolz. Rules made to consider normal people, failing to consider marginalized people. :P

Ironic is that there are so many dangerous professions and its sink or swim...I'm not an actuarial but at present Mining and Mariner professions are one of the more dangerous professions in the world. I think with such a set up, the default CT is actually Dystopic lolz.

The only way you can sustain such an economy is overpopulation and using the poorly educated population to fill factory floors, belter mines and spacer ranks. Who cares about cripples, causalities and fatalities. lolz!

Lucky for my character I'm a Baron. Like Tyrion its my social status is what prevents a Cripple like me being cast out into the cold in Classic Traveller lolz.

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