Saturday, August 3, 2013

Captain's Log 96-1105

We made a killing yesterday, almost $3M of profit. It was a hard two months of dry business. Tukera is eating up all lots in the minor and branch routes in Aramis Subsector and it will appear that indies like us, the March Harrier, are going to have to fly further into the frontier to find business.

$3M is not a lot, its just about 6 months of expenses (even after half of net goes to the Imperial backers), out of our remaining 6 months of free-enterprise before we go back to the assigned lines.

Not so long ago we were living off "small favors" and trade for business. In Panitir we moved cargo for spare change relative to our operating expenses. We got our break in the next stop, Psyandi, with the Hoewoood. There were other opportunities, but we ran out of space.

$3M deal is the first time I had such in this new life of mine. Prior to this, Multi-million credit deals were another day in the as assistant director in General Products back in Regina. Talk about an easy million, but the crap I had to deal with and the assess had to kiss, not to mention the psychos I had to play ball with had driven many already to suicide and ruin... after getting the skills I ran the hell out of there and got myself into this business in the first place.  But that was a lifetime before my lifetime in Merchant shipping. Its been nearly 20 years "clean" of dirty business since.

I have to say this beats freight shipping, but is so damn risky I get ulcers thinking about the numbers. Last time I earned 90% it was dirty margin designed to padd the wallets of my bosses, but an honest 90% margin - really taking a risk and the market is really willing to pay that much just shows how much there is a need for people who do make an honest living getting what people need at the price they are willing to pay. Whoah, I'm an existential loop contemplating this.

Anyway, back to reality. We made this money but its really not 90% margin. To get here we had to go Zila and Carsten. Thats about 4 parsecs on a 1-jump ship. Thats makes the total expense getting here 400,000 + 250,000 at around 80% margin and the same amount of expenses getting to make a near good killing. We may need to go to Junidy or some place at about 4-6 parsecs away and ending in a main route to sell the goods at a fair profit.

If there was a way to earn $220,000 in every jump then the trip would pay for itself.

But thats another worry for another time. The men all deserve a chance to splurge and stretch their legs. I don't mind getting some paid company, I got to make sure all my parts are working. Tonight I'm treating the men out and paying for berth for the whole ship ($40k) and tuck all of that as an expense.

Oh yeah, Computer remind me to buy gifts about $500 worth each as much as 6 of the prized goods here in Armarx. I better use the new resources to open more doors and project some business confidence with future clients. Also, computer,  download for me the JTAS for news of business in the neighboring star systems and charge the data as an expense.

Captain Risk Out

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