Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Blender Conference 2022 and Open Source Direction


So the Blender Conference discusses the new features of blender, Blender being a critical feature that is making Mneme World Generator Sell. If not for the Blender files for Planets I would not get any visibility for our product. 

Blender means that Game in the Brain will include the SHIPS, the Space Stations, the Habitats, and the Files we used to Create the ART and Scenes for Game in the Brain products. You get the LibreOffice files so you can edit the material to tailor it to your game, you get the Blender files to TAILOR the material to your game. It costs nothing more for us to make the buyers of our product have the files*.

Collaboration - this is a STRANGE thing in an TRPG - its what you do in TRPGs but in its making, there is not much collaboration. So I've been generous with my Technical Feedback, its not yielded anything. No one wants feedback it seems, even if the feedback is meant to either : increase the value of the product OR make it easier (usually buying down technical debt). 

I am an ERPNext, Blender, FreeCAD etc... advocate. I train people in this migrating the family biz to its traditional low computer literacy mindset to having a High Collaboration set up. It is strange when I encounter Low Trust environments and cultures - given that I come from the Philippines which has an incredibly corrupt gov't and very low trust culture for good reason.  

Collaboration Problems

  1. Collaboration means, standards and methods. Nicco and I will be using Libreoffice and creating a set of Standards Templates for the products and will update these based on the feedback and our stress testing the products ourselves. There is a STYLE GUIDE for most publishing, but each writer fills in details that they deem important and I watch Seth Skorkowsky fill in missing details that can be Standardized. No one has gone "Man Seths approach should be SOP, there should be a checklist to see if NPCs push the story forward, there is a way for the PCs get the next clue even if they fail, the Game Writer should think through how this can play out..." Ok ok.... that's just me. We'll apply it to GITB 😅😅😅
  2. Open and Communicative. Posting not just to SHOW off the work, but use the Market as Quality inspection - check if it hits the mark. are we here for "attaboys?" or we're here I want to know how to make this better in a way I can either LEARN to do or capable of doing. 
  3. Learn and Learn FAST. I will always say Open Source are the fastest learners and where REAL world changing improvements happen (most innovation is exploiting a loophole and the weaker party - its not really improvement or fixing problems. Learning and Changing FAST is not comfy, its shocking and disturbing. Its understanding that - this will be obsolete soon. That means seeing people Tackle PROBLEMS of the product more and more. 
Anyway that's my take - I mean we will be the change we want in the world. We will price to break even and grow, and you will watch me reinvest sit all here for the next product. And I will make mistakes, some of that money will not be enough for the other things we need to build to make a good standard process and I will figure out a way to make it DIY here. 

Its easy to collaborate with us, as nicco gets some more help and I set up standards,we can expect certain things (Quality management) from collaboration and outcomes. 

Blender Apps

We may not need to go to GODOT to make the ship builder, it may just be a Blender App. The BIGGEST pro is just learning Python instead of GODOT's own language. 

*will they use it to make their OWN material in DrivethruRPG: YES WE HOPE SO! (I would hope they share the credit). We attribute to the artists who taught us, whose tutorials helped us make our products, I hope we get the same credit for the products we made.  

By Game in the Brain and you have to tools to tailor your game. You have the tools to make a new product! 

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