Thursday, November 3, 2022

Universe Sandbox - how to upload Ubox files of Mneme's Star Systems

 So I made a tutorial of how to upload the ubox files that will come with our Products. As well demoing Universe Sandbox, which is what I just learned to be 30usd for US but only 12usd here in the Philippines. So basically it means its not a small price. Anyway we plan to make Blender files of the stars  

If Nicco and I will model the nearby stars from Wikipedia and Universe Sandbox

proof of concept how we can Link each with distances. 

From Wikipedia

We will keep things simple at first, using Stellagama's Free Nearby Stars but we will add more details and new systems. if you watched the video, the research that will go into making a system and the creation of the material will probably put the price at about 5usd per system to break even at about 50 sales. 

Excited to getting back into modeling Hard Scifi Ships (this is a 2km long asteroid for scale). I need to build a lot of space ship tools and spreadsheets as well as a production line 


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