Monday, November 14, 2022

Thank you for your Patronage! Nov 5 to 12 Week 45 Sales

Status Report
  • Its low because I wasn't out peddling, going FB group to MeWe group making the product visible. I plan to do that more when I have a production line ready. 
  • Target for 2-Parsecs is December 3rd week. (as of what I see right now) 
    • Shifting to Microsoft Word, slight delay since Libreoffice had problems.
    • First Draft for everything is done, layouting right now.
  • Researching the Workflow for Modeling Underground Structures.  
    • Backface culling - the Tunnel's normals dont render when viewed from outside. So you will always see the Inside of the Tunnel, but while inside the tunnel you cannot view out. 
    • checking out Pipe Geometry nodes, for tunnels, replacing the assets with "scifi"tunnels. 
    • There is going to be so many underground structures I probably need to model a boring machine that builds structures as it goes. Underground with Spin gravity. Its like being in a car slightly accelerating - gravity of the spin keeps your feet down on the ground, but like being in a vehicle slightly accelerating you can feel a perpendicular force. We need to design a production line for me an Nicco to build as much as possible and to make it Roll20/VTT friendly.

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