Monday, November 7, 2022

Learning Something new: Metallic Gas Giants cannot have Terrestrial worlds exist along side it

Right now discussing with Pecier Decierdo about work on polishing the Mneme World Generator.

I have to make some tweaks but I have to set that aside in the future, and part of the budget. 

Which is awesome because Pecier's specialty is Planetary Systems. His math is much better than mine so even he can check my calculations/spreadsheets that will be used with Delta V Budget (ships have a delta-V budget set of stats to determine Travel Time) and Rocket equations (Complicates the Delta-V calculation because ship gets lighter as it burns). 

One of the PERKS of a completely open source setting and book is that, the mechanics he will help create to make Space Travel Fun and Gamified he can take to use for his own purposes as a Science Educator. I on the other hand get to publish it as part of GITB's Books and Others can use it as well - spreading Science literacy. 

I lose nothing working with an OPEN source system anyone can COPY, because I can copy an improvement of the system. the End User - the Gamers have the tools they need and the freedom to innovate. 

What I'm confident about when it comes to the Book and future Material: My Experience with Non-Zero sum and Zero-Sum situations. Where people always are not acting in their best interest. To get to where I am where I always deal with Win-Win is an OCEAN of experience with self-harming and short-sighted systems and understanding how they came to be. 

The reason I do a lot of Teaching and Training is that people only use the "BEST METHODS THEY KNOW" if they knew any better than they would be doing something else. and thus often the task is educating End Users. 

Today I had the strangest set of Experiences: people misunderstanding some fundamental Processes - like automation means NO ONE IS CHECKING. no no no... Automation in a system automates all the prerequisites that are needed to Make a Decision - as well as the ACTIONS (setting into motion) that will occur after a decision is made.  

Upon detecting that I have to save the person FACE by saying, lets discuss this fundamental principle that you were given training about which we documented, which I explained 2 other times - but now it has come to my attention that fundamentally they don't understand how the Time and Motion of Decisioins in relation to the INFORMATION to make a decision. 

Some people don't know that we make a decision NEAR instantly once information is at hand - is the color red/blue/yellow, did he lie, did he don the task. etc... all of this are IMMEDIATELY judged once we have the red/blue/yellow in front of us, the contradicting statement or confirming evidence, the outcome of the action - AUTOMATION makes this information accessible. 

I have to educate people about some things I take forgranted often - and colors me - it makes me wonder if I'm going crazy - why is something so fundamental is misundertood and how it affect their life. 

I know from my experience - decisions are near instantaneous - its the Information Gathering that is tedious and time-consuming. That bidding and procurement can take WEEKS several tries etc... 

The example above is to illustrate my experience with problems and that I don't mind getting into it. I just go elected (out of default) as a director of our Home Owners Association. Everyone is telling me how dysfunctional these things ARE and when Interviewing stakeholders the amount of basic Operational Literacy - how to conduct a SPRINT or TOOLBOX meeting - how to pay down technical debt, What is a workaround, and what is a corrective action, etc... 

I am fascinated by how people don't understand that Confrontation doesn't mean Violence, that without Engaging with Stakeholders and the problem there is no Corrective Action. that the Delaying tactic of AVOIDANCE is the culture - avoid all the problems until the problem affects "Me" - WTF is that kind of Childish BULLSHIT.  anyway again - WORK IS TOO INSPIRING for the material of dysfunction, now I will be part of a homeowners association and I will see other Dysfunctional organizations in Action.

You cannot help but love your TRPG group or your Team when you see people bicker, self-harm the organization, exploit each other. Holy shit look at how those people harm those people lolz - its so weird - People, in general, are made to not think as much as possible and asking them to stop to think triggers anxiety and fear. You have to use fast-talk. distract them with more important things or their mental exploits (like flattery and ego). You can imagine my GM's voice in my head "Justin make your roll..." 😅😅😅

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