Saturday, November 12, 2022

major set back, but minor delay - cannot use libreoffice writer switching to Microsoft word

We use flowchart drawings alot in game In the brain so I learned libreoffice writer cannot save and even breaks the layout.

We originally wrote it in Google docs, then later Microsoft word for layouting. But this time I wanted it made start to finish in libreoffice writer. I used to do this for really layouts gurps material for my games. I basically took gurps lite, all the rules I was going to use and character templates and fit it in 100 pages so players all had everything they needed (personal use only). 

Of course what I did was not sharable because it's gurps. But I wanted to that for cepheus engine and prototyped it with the latest product - tentatively called 2-parsecs. 

I download the file from Google drive and every time I open it the format changes 😢😢😢. Basically I don't save it and open it and close and open and close and it opens looking different. 

Libreoffice writer 7.3.

I wanted that our products used open source stuff that anyone can download and use. I was working in Ubuntu 22.04, blender, gimp etc...

Luckily my friend left his windows pc with me and effectively it was "mine" in all intents and purposes - which he mentioned but I felt guilty using 😅. I'm part of my wife's ms office 365 family plan and finally turned it on after so long.

I was using only openoffice, libreoffice, and Google docs since 2005 so this is a big setback for me.

I plan to do desktop recordings of the error and reporting it.

When nicco told me of the error we had a session we intentionally spent the night breaking it - replicating the error and discovered so much - the order of objects kept changing - grouping doesn't help and I can't select groups. Copying a square with text makes into a frame and frames cannot be grouped and they suffer from the reorder bug.

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