Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Market Analysis: This is fun If I have data, and someone who can focus on Products

Had a discussion with someone who was interested in my Feedback about Product design. And one of the key things I discussed was - Benchmarking. Comparison and Differentiation. Of course there is a TON of other concepts that needs to be unloaded like LEAN and all the Due Dilligence skills... but Market Research and Analysis - what is the product you are making? 

I'll be getting by Biz Admin: marketing Students at the end of November. I got a partnership with the school (National University, Philippines) where I teach them to use Sales and CRM module of ERPNext and create CASE STUDIES using ERPs to examine Companies who are performing a certain way - demonstrating trade-offs. 

The goal is market research AND deciding on a Marketing Campaign. And using the data of a CRM and Sales module to better design a marketing campaign. 

Anyway If I had the 400-500usd, I'd have a student with Python Scripting to pull data and Biz Admin student - and I would BUILD a way to collect data from Drive thru RPg to examine all my competitors with easily searchable information. Particularly the performance of their products because its possible for me to guess how much it costs to make them Each Book and their Profitability. 

The goal is to learn their SWOT, and to Differentiate Game in the Brain to be better and with AGILE development create products that will TEST the theory/thesis of what will sell and develop the body of knowledge that will make a better product. and like louis rossman kinda SHow how we did it. 

One of the things you Learn about Open Source is that - the Guys who will take open source and make it their own are RARE - but the people who will appreciate its accessibility is everyone else.  Now these guys who MAKE a better product now - they become their own "Control" in the experiment that is marketing. They tell us a lot about the market through their success of failure and WE learn. 

If you read the comments in Louis Rossman videos most of the comments is appreciating what he does, making things accessible and removes the Veil the "Mystery" of how these things are made. But the thing is - the guys who comment saying they started being repair oriented and open repair are very rare. but their contribution to a community is HUGE. 

Being a springboard to make people make their TRPG or setting because our models, Libre office files, etc... are available just like Jason "Flyn" Kemp did will grow the hobby more - making more tools that Add to Cepheus Engine will result in better things for the hobby. 

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