Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Mneme tech Levels - Rockets in different eras.

The tech in the 1960s could have allowed for intrastellar civilization - IF - the opportunity cost was better than every other option. The world was very unequal then, and any history documentary about NASA discussed all the other priorities the US gov't had at the time and the compromises. 

Getting the Stats of these rockets and using them as a baseline for Cepheus Engine TL6-8 (or Mneme TL6 to 14  Drives). 

My brain dont work good after work these days. Stress is preventing me from understanding things. 

  1. I may have watched this video about 10x in the past 3 years. This and Mike Aben's video

  2. so many people can do the math. Its embarassing I cant. Also so many people who can do the math is the age of my friends (people in their 50s). So I feel like I have to keep up.
    1. Log of (Full Mass / Empty mass) * ISP 

    2. Thrust / (Thrust / ISP) - combining Rockets Delta V

The baseline for CE TL 6 Mneme TL7 (1980s)

The baseline for CE TL 6.5 Mneme TL8 (1980s) 



The baseline for CE TL 6.5 Mneme TL8 (2000s) 

The baseline for CE TL 7 or Mneme TL9 (2000s)  


The baseline for CE TL 8 Mneme TL10 (2100s)


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